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A little about myself…I like to consider myself a content creator always looking to tell a story that people want to hear, and produce engaging content audiences want to consume. Always making sure it is current, innovative, engaging and extremely entertaining. Throughout my career, I have successfully led large international teams and delivered high-profile projects across various mediums, including film, television, broadcast, print, and digital platforms.

With over 16+ years of production and marketing experience in film, commercials, broadcast, print and digital environments, I have produced 30 + campaigns for global brands like Pepsi, Cadbury, Amazon Kindle, Vodafone, Publix, The Home Depot, Shark Ninja, 4 feature films and multiple music videos & digital content.

I am a seasoned producer who has worked on both the production company side and advertising agency working with cross-functional teams and clients alike. I have strong work ethic and the ability to help creative and media companies grow through content and leadership.

Traveling, exploring new cultures & food and reading are my other passions.

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